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Why Magicians Never Reveal Their Secrets


One of the biggest sayings in magic is that a true magician never reveals their secrets. This has become taken at face value in our culture. Some people accept it for what it is, while others become frustrated. No matter your feelings on the matter, many accept it as an inevitability.

Many people do not bother to ask “why” this code exists. No, it is not to make the magician feel smarter or to hide some dark conspiracy from our patrons. Magicians simply recognize that keeping tricks a secret is the very reason why our trade is so entertaining.
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Why Celebrity and Professional Recommendations Matter for Close-Up Magicians


When magicians are able to impress a huge number of entertainers, politicians, athletes and working professionals alike, they want you to know that they have the utmost credentials to captivate a wide variety of clientele. They also want to communicate that they can delight even people who have seen and done amazing things throughout their entire life.
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