Mio’s full length one-man Mentalism Show, Extraordinary Moments, provides an incredible, interactive experience that involves ‎all the guests, as Mio reads the minds of participants, using a combination of psychology, visualization, intuition and thought transference, presenting amazing feats that can’t be explained!

Mio says, “If you ask me to simply read your mind, with no context, it can be quite difficult. But if I can narrow down your train of thought to a single track, I can reveal that thought!”

“I was honestly amazed by Mio the Mentalist! Card tricks are cool, but what actually amazed me the most were the mentalist feats. He made a few deductive guesses… and he guessed (what I thought of) on his first try. How he did that, I don’t know. So basically, I think he is a genius at reading people: micro expressions, tonality, etc… I was very impressed.“   — Ana Bozovic