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Live ZOOM Show Thurs, Nov 26 at 2:00 pm, EST
Extraordinary Close-Up Magician & Mentalist

Be amazed and astounded when you experience Extraordinary Moments, Mio’s exciting, one-hour, multi-camera Zoom Show, broadcast live from our Sunrise Studio! The show combines Mio’s sophisticated Magic & Mentalism with completely new effects specially created for online viewing.

The Magic happens right in your hands… and minds! This incredible, interactive presentation involves ‎everyone, using a combination of psychology, visualization, intuition and thought transference, for an enthralling afternoon!

Thursday, November 26 Matinee — Click this link to get your tickets — ONLY $25 — https://magicbymio.ticketspice.com/nov26

Born into a NYC show biz family, Mio has been performing professionally around the world since 1989 for Presidents, Princes, Celebrities and Causes. Voted Magician of the Year by Ring 45 of The International Brotherhood of Magicians, Mio would be honored to share his Close-Up Magic and Mentalism Shows with you and your guests!

Mio shares his love of Magic & Mentalism

Mio shares his love of Magic & Mentalism
(7:55 extended version)

Extraordinary Close-Up Magic

Whether it’s for a Corporate or Private event, Mio’s performance often starts in the cocktail hour, where he strolls from group to group, presenting intimate, Interactive Close-Up Magic, bringing small groups of folks together. This experience serves as the ultimate ice-breaker imparting a sense of amazement and leaving guests talking among themselves as he moves on to the next group!

Extraordinary Mentalism

Mio’s full length one-man Mentalism Show, Extraordinary Moments, provides an incredible, interactive experience that involves ‎all the guests, as Mio reads the minds of participants, using a combination of psychology, visualization, intuition and thought transference, presenting amazing feats that cannot be explained!

Corporate Team Building

Mio also specializes in building on Corporate Culture as a Corporate Team Building Facilitator. He offers your group a fun, hands-on workshop that will increase the efficiency and productivity of staff by sharing unique, proven methods of how to successfully work together!

Contact Mio for more details on the Corporate Team Building Program.

“Mio and his magicians were absolutely fantastic. Our meeting attendees raved about everything the team did and they said our last year’s event was over the top but this year’s event topped even that one. That is quite a compliment.”
– Maggie Bibb, Marketing Administrator, Medmarc Insurance Group

That’s enough! I can’t take any more!

Michael Jordan

Awesome! How do you do that?

Sylvester Stallone

You’re the best I’ve ever seen.

Liza Minelli

You got the King with the king.

Pat Riley, Miami Heat President, referring to an amazed LeBron James.

That’s cool. Never seen anything like it.

Wesley Snipes

I’ve been producing parties for 20 years around the world.
Mio is the best I have ever seen.

Stu Feinstein, CEO, The Gordian Group/Le Clique

Close up magic magician of the year

Mio is voted Magician of the Year by Ring 45 of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.