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What are the differences between a mentalism and magic? Once you learn more about mentalism and magic as a performance art, you’ll have an even greater appreciation for these shows in Miami.

Key Differences Between Mentalism and Magic

If you are visiting the Miami area and need some evening entertainment, a magic show can be the perfect option. As you search for the perfect show to attend, you might also come across advertisements for mentalists. We’ve previously covered what mentalists actually do, but today we’re going to go into a little more detail […]

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Learn about the basic techniques needed to get started in the world of mentalism and close up magic.

Mentalism Techniques for Beginners

Mentalists aren’t like other magicians or illusionists—mentalists perform tricks or illusions with their minds. This takes performances to an entirely new level by incorporating and interacting with the audience in ways other performers do not. Mentalism and close-up magic is so spectacular because of mind-blowing tricks that define the artistry. Here are a few techniques […]

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