Learn about the basic techniques needed to get started in the world of mentalism and close up magic.

Mentalism Techniques for Beginners

Mentalists aren’t like other magicians or illusionists—mentalists perform tricks or illusions with their minds. This takes performances to an entirely new level by incorporating and interacting with the audience in ways other performers do not. Mentalism and close-up magic is so spectacular because of mind-blowing tricks that define the artistry. Here are a few techniques to get you started in the world of mentalism.


Look Closely

 Being extremely observant and paying close attention to your surroundings is key to becoming a great mentalist. It is important during performances to be attentive and to carefully watch your audience to aid in illusions. Picking up on body language and other telling signs and cues from the audience will make your show that much more wonderful. This can be practiced daily at any time and any place. Take special care to be particularly observant of everything around you in your everyday life to build these skills. Incorporate these observation techniques into your performances, and sit back and watch how your illusions and tricks wow your audience.


Cold and Hot Readings

Cold readings are very popular amongst mentalists and mind readers as well. If done correctly, participants are left in awe of the performer’s knowledge of a stranger’s life. During a cold reading, the mentalist will speak about things in a person’s life they know nothing about. Using auditory cues and close observation will enhance your cold reading skills and help you advance to more difficult mentalism tricks.

 Despite what the name suggests, a hot reading is not the opposite of a cold reading. It is actually basically the same as a cold reading except the performer knows some things about the participant beforehand. This knowledge allows the performer to draw more clues about the participant and give a better reading. The same techniques used in a cold reading should also be used in a hot reading.

Getting into the world of magic and mentalism is an exciting challenge. It won’t be easy, but the look on your audience’s face will be well worth the hard work. With these techniques you will be well on your way to becoming a masterful mentalist. Check out Magic by Mio in Miami to see mind-blowing tricks and learn more about the world of mentalist magic.