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Performing at the Mario Lemieux Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament

I first talked about my performances for the Mario Lemieux Foundation, and how important it was to me in this post.

After the 18th hole and the days round was finished, the players would slowly gather four by four in the clubhouse. The only ones in there beside the players were the staff and me.

After entertaining for several hours, I had gathered a collection of cards that were stuck to the ceiling of the clubhouse, and the manager looked up and noticed the four signed cards : Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Recci, and Lynn Swann!

He took the cards down, framed them , and then put them back up on the ceiling in exactly the spots they had been in!

Please pardon theses these slightly blurred photos.

Framed cards - Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Recci, Lynn Swann

What is like to be a Magician on a Cruise Ship?

Working on cruise ships has afforded me the special opportunity to see and visit parts of the world I otherwise may never have!

Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the French Riviera, the Mexican Riviera, The Amazon, Venice, Europe, and a host of other destinations have all been the sights of my performances and adventures!

I was able to swim with dolphins in Cozumel, cuddle with stingrays in the Caymans and fulfilled one of my life dreams, to catch King Salmon and Halibut in Alaska, which I did while performing on board Regents’ ship, Seven Seas Mariner, for the summer season.

On the ships I often worked close up in the lounges, and here a group of passengers is about to see my unique version of card to ceiling!

Signed Cards Collection Growing: Mario Lemieux, Johnny Bench and Michael Jordan!

It was while performing for the Mario Lemieux Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament that I had the pleasure and honor of performing for three gentlemen whose careers represented the very pinnacle of their respective sports when they played: Mario Lemieux, in his prime, arguably the best hockey player ever; Johnny Bench, perhaps the best catcher ever to play baseball; and Michael Jordan, well there is no argument, the best basketball player ever. These three greats all signed cards that appeared unexpectedly, some said impossibly, in a sealed envelope, in a zippered compartment of my wallet!

I was honored to be asked back by Mario the next year to perform, to again be able to contribute to the success of this great cause.

The Mario Lemieux Foundation was created in 1993. In that year, Mario was enjoying the greatest season of his brilliant career and on pace to establish a new NHL scoring record. Then he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease.

For me, Mario’s story goes to show the fragility of life, and also the will to persevere, and in turn to help others; just as I love to share my magic with others, to give them a glimpse that says the impossible is possible!

Mio the Magician and Mario LemieuxMio the Magician and Johnny Bench
Mario Lemieux's iconic "66" (the number of his jersey)
Johnny Bench's signature in one of Mio's Game Cards
Michael Jordan's signature in one of Mio's Game Cards

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass Performance

I had the pleasure of performing for the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass during their annual collectors trip to Tacoma and Seattle, where they also visited the home of Dale Chihuly, the foremost glass sculptor of our time.

Coincidentally I performed for Dale on several occasions in Florida, and here is a photo from one of them.

Mio the magician performing to sculptor Dale Chihuly

I entertained all 95 collectors at the Tacoma Art Museum with my stand up Mentalism Show, “Extraordinary Moments “.

I was thrilled to receive a standing ovation!

I had a chance to visit the Seattle Space Needle, awesome views of the city and the Bay!

Mio at the Space Needle, Seattle
Tacoma Art Museum

The views from my hotel room of the Space Needle at night:

The Space Needle Seattle

The Space Needdle

mentalism in Miami

Mio Gets a Chance to Wow Howie Mandel with Mentalism in Miami

As a fan of stand up through the ‘80s comedy boom and the show America’s Got Talent, I was ecstatic to meet Howie Mandel at a recent Young Presidents Organization soirée in Miami. Hosted at the LIV Nightclub in the lavish Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach, the YPO event was an exclusive evening for helping successful vineyard executives network and get inspired by various speakers.

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mentalism miami

Liven Up Your Party or Event with Mentalism in Miami

When looking to cap off your party, event or soiree with an entertaining set piece, look no further than my own brand of mentalism, Miami. These performances generally look great on stage in front of thousands of people, but they offer something even more special in a smaller group at a private event.

Dare I say that such a setting creates something… magical?

Why I Love Performing Mentalism for Miami Private Functions and Events

I don’t perform on the stage too often anymore, and I would say that I don’t miss it as much as other performers claimed I would. Why? I get more of a kick out of entertaining smaller parties these days.

Intimate settings with small groups lets me get up close and personal with my subjects. I can show my subjects that there is no real boundary between the performer and the audience. I’ve performed for some tough groups in my day: Robert DeNiro, Rudy Giuliani, Mario Andretti Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan and more. Yet, I always manage to leave them with a smile on their face and in awe of the unique way I approach my work.

You see, my job as a mentalist is to surprise people with the obvious. I make educated guesses based on high odds along with my ability to read faces and posture. These simple tricks still manage to floor a room, and the effects are better up close and personal. By engaging with my audience as a peer, I can communicate with them in a way that disarms and astonishes them with seemingly superhuman feats.

My point in all this is not to brag about my talents, either, but to emphasize that some of the best parts of my job work even better when I get a chance to shine on a personal level. For this reason, I highly recommend my services for mentalism in Miami for private functions and events.

How to Structure Your Big Night Around a Mentalism Act

When looking to plan your evening around a big event, mentalism can fit right in with any theme you want. For birthday parties or events structured around one person, I can help lighten the mood while making the guest of honor feel special. My act tends to bring people together by sharing details about my subjects they can all relate to. It goes well as an early way to kick off the festivities or further into the evening, such as after dinner.

At corporate events, my act can help communicate the theme of the event in ways that few others can. After all, who wouldn’t want to read minds in the business world? By showing employees that it can, in a small way, be possible, they are inspired to do anything. I have even helped deliver a keynote a time or two!

So take a look at my mentalism in Miami services the next time you are looking for a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind experience to offer your guests and attendees.