Mentalism at Kravis Center 25th Anniversary

Mio the Magician's Mentalism performance at Kravis Center 25th Anniversary

I had the great honor to perform at the Kravis Center 25th Anniversary Tribute to its Volunteers, where I performed my Mentalism Show to a crowd of over 500 guests! As a Mentalist in Miami, I always enjoy the ride to Palm Beach to share my art!

As the guests arrived, I performed Strolling Close-Up Magic throughout the cocktail hour and then Table-Side Magic until dinner was served. After dinner and awards, I would present Extraordinary Moments, my Mentalism Stage Show.

The Mentalism Show was a huge hit!

Many people lingered afterward trying to work out how I was able to ascertain their thoughts just moments ago and to thank me for thoroughly entertaining them!

It was the third time in six months that I performed at Kravis Center and the CEO, Judith Mitchell and her husband and CFO, Jim Mitchell were wonderful to work with on each of the projects.

I am looking forward to sharing Extraordinary Moments, my Mentalism Show, again soon!

Here is a link to “Extraordinary Moments: the Magic and Mentalism of Mio