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mentalist in Miami (mentalism psychology)

Mentalism Psychology as a Science

You are likely familiar with “mentalism” as a performance art, made popular by famous shows like Psych and The Mentalist, but did you know that “Mentalism” used to be a formal branch of academia? Mentalism once referred to a type of psychology that helped bring the science of human thought and emotion to the forefront […]

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Mentalist in Miami

Magician Dean Lahan Excels in Spite of His Disability

Dean Lahan of Stockport, England calls himself “The Fingerless Magician,” although that moniker is not quite accurate. When he was only 18 months old, he was afflicted with bacterial meningitis and nearly lost his life. The doctors were able to save him by amputating his infected tissue, leaving him with only one leg, two partial […]

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