Peter Broos and the “mounted card”

In Blankenberge, Belgium I came across a small “supermarkt” that had the most succulent blackberries I ever tasted, each one simply burst with sweetness in my mouth!

I returned once, then twice for more, and on my third visit for yet another pint, I waited as a customer came running into the store, looking worried and hurried, but soon relieved, as the owner handed her the cell phone and paper she had left behind several hours earlier. “Thanks, you’ve made my day ” she exclaimed as she left, now noticeably calmer, and happy.

Pass the Excitement

It made me feel like returning the favor to this gentle man, who had commented to me, on my second return visit, that he was pleased I so enjoyed the blackberries. So I told him I did Close-Up Magic in Miami and asked if he would like to see some, and his face lit up and he said he would love to. Still sitting behind the register, the kind owner was astonished with the opening slide thru change; his boyish wonder grew as he named a card and it instantly jumped from the deck; and then I brought out the rising card. He was speechless as the card slowly rose from his hand, not moving at all, and then shortly, he lay his head down on the conveyor belt for what seemed like several minutes, (I began to worry!), then he lifted it slowly, and said “that’s one of the most amazing things I ever experienced – it’s much better than watching a jet disappear on TV – I felt it, and there were no cameras!”

The line had begun to build up at this point, and the next lady in line, who had not witnessed the actual rise, had to listen, in excited Dutch/Flemmish, to Peter as he told her all about what she had just missed, before she was allowed to pay for her groceries!

I waited till the store cleared again, then continued with a short signed card routine, finally giving it to Peter at the conclusion. He again related his astonishment at the “mounted card”, as he put it, then insisted I take the blackberries, on him; and beaming like a kid, he said I had made his day!

I replied that he had made mine; and now that everyone’s day had been made, the good energy in the store was palpable. He took my name and told me he would like to friend me on facebook, an ending that really speaks of our present time in history!….

And speaking of present times, I have posted an amazing video on youtube about the thieving seagulls of the Baltic–

Just search the title, “Mio’s Magical Seagulls”… And enjoy!