A Magical Encounter on the Bus

A Magical Encounter on the Bus

Here’s an example of the sweet sweeds…

Coming back home to the ship late on a city bus (It was standing room only), I stood next to a cool looking young man, his blond hair back in a pony tail. The bus was literally alive with chatter, young people laughing and talking amongst themselves, it seemed like I was in a party. After most got off, I looked at the young man and commented on the scene, and he was more interested that I spoke english, and immediately started a very friendly conversation, as we sat down. Victor was his name.

What brings you to stockholm?

Oh, a cruise ship.

What do you do?


Wow, I love magic, can you show me something?

After the first slide thru change he whipped out his phone:

Wow, so great! can I film you? Do more!…

and he held the phone in one hand while a card rose from his other as he filmed it. So excited he was, he asked if I could teach him.

I said, well, not before your stop!, there’s no time…

but he wanted to see one more, so I did, then he offered me a cigarette. It was the only thing he had on him and he insisted I take it. He then hugged me and thanked me. He said I had made his night as he hopped off the bus! He had made mine!