Why Celebrity and Professional Recommendations Matter for Close-Up Magicians


When magicians are able to impress a huge number of entertainers, politicians, athletes and working professionals alike, they want you to know that they have the utmost credentials to captivate a wide variety of clientele. They also want to communicate that they can delight even people who have seen and done amazing things throughout their entire life.

Entertaining Entertainers

In show business, you get to see how “movie magic” is accomplished on a daily basis. Artful makeup, mind-blowing practical effects and dangerous stunts all become part of a day’s work.

Actors work grueling hours in these settings. They can become jaded to displays of spectacle that are designed to amaze, mostly because they know all of the technical details that lie behind them.

When Mio performs for his celebrity clients, all bets are off. Heavy hitters from Michael Douglas to Robert DeNiro have all enjoyed Mio’s performances. Even action stars from special effects and stunt-laden movies are astounded by the displays of a skilled close up magician.

In fact, Sylvester Stallone once remarked, “Awesome! How did you do that?” and Wesley Snipes similarly responded, “That’s cool. Never seen anything like it.” These people who have played characters that have done logic-defying feats on the big screen were still impressed by close up magic in Miami.

Performing for Performers

Professional athletes are some of most dedicated people in the world. Their entire lifestyle is geared towards training, staying healthy and achieving mental focus, both in and out of the playing arena.

While a magician performing close up magic may never run ten miles as part of his daily routine, they do have to practice consistently in order to get the results they want. Their dedication can blow away people who have given up their lives to perform some of the most amazing feats of our modern society.

Michael Jordan — who has shaken nearly anyone who ever faced him — once tried to crack Mio by leaning in as close as possible while he performed his act. “All right,” he challenged, “show me what you’ve got…”

Within a few minutes, the man who taught the world that humans can soar farther than anyone imagined became overloaded with amazement. He threw in the towel with a smile on his face, saying, “that’s enough! I can’t take any more!”

Flapping the Unflappable

You do not have to be famous for a magician like Mio to make you question your own eyes. When performing for DEA agents, FBI agents, police chiefs and other law enforcement professionals whose job it is to follow evidence and notice the slightest abnormalities, Mio was still able to keep them guessing.

If a magician like Mio can impress these people who have seen and done almost everything, he hopes he can impress you too. Take a look at his clients page to see even more recognizable names who got to enjoy Mio’s world class performances first-hand.