Magic’s Delightful Dozen


On May 5th in 2000, I gathered twelve South Florida Magicians for a very cool corporate gig! To help describe it, here is an excerpt from Debra Liebowitz’ column, ‘Beach Buzz’ from the Miami Herald :

“A group of Boca Raton convention goers recently enjoyed a magical bus ride to Miami Beach for a night out on the town. The employees and guests of Houston-based BMC Software boarded buses at the Boca Raton Resort and Country Club . They had reservations at a slew of South Beach restaurants, including The Strand and Smith & Wollensky .

“Hired to entertain the group during the long bus ride: a dozen South Florida Magicians. The bus audience included folks from around the world. Helping to coordinate the traveling magicians: Mio, a Beach resident who specializes in extraordinary close-up magic using cards, coins, levitation and mind reading. Mio has lived in South Beach for 11 years, he said all 12 magicians performing for the bus caravan belong to IBM. No, not Big Blue. The International Brotherhood of Magicians.”

A Unique Experience 

In traffic, stopping and starting, it became instantly apparent that the best time for Magic was going to be when we got on the highway; at one point we had some unexpected extra viewers when a city bus passed and several of its passengers watched as a card rose from the hand of one my volunteers!

Putting together 12 Magicians and having everything run smoothly was something I wasn’t often asked to do. To have pulled it off so successfully; well, I was proud of that! The professionalism of all the Magicians I hired shone through as each one of them got rave reviews when the buses completed their journeys and the passengers emerged smiling.

Performing Magic on a moving bus, although unique, was not the only transport vehicle I’ve performed in…

Magic in the Air

I was hired by Carnival Airlines (yes, there was a Carnival Airlines!) to do “Magic in the Air” as part of a publicity campaign on flights from Florida to NYC and back, during the Christmas holidays.

Once the airplane had leveled out, I slowly walked down the aisle, performing Strolling Close-Up Magic for three or four rows at a time, lingering at more receptive areas. I would make a second pass through the plane later on, and invariably the passengers who missed me the first time would stop me this time, wanting to see what so many others were laughing and applauding at!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles 

I’m pleased to have a roster of “Transportation Performances” performing aboard cruise ships of all sizes, on private yachts, on the Tri Rail, in private limousines, from within the Todd Tongen Taxi, and I’m proud to include the Delightful Dozen bus excursion and holiday airplane performances too.

I’m always glad when my clients just can’t get enough Close-Up Magic & Mentalism and ask me to work in unusual conditions!

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  1. Richard Del Vecchio

    As one of the Magic Dozen, it was a fun trip. I think the magicians had as much fun as the spectators. “Thanks for the memories”.

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