How Magicians Use Close Up Magic to Defy Expectations

close up magic hands

By now, most people know that the secret to close up magic lies in misdirection. The term “misdirection,” does not just refer to getting people to look the opposite way while you fumble around with some sleight-of-hand. Misdirection can also refer to the way you guide your audience’s expectations through use of careful performance.

When you shatter these expectations, the audience becomes astounded – the goal of any true magician.

Using this technique of setting up and then defying audience expectation requires no small amount of practice or discipline, especially in a close-up setting. Here are some ways that a professional close up magician hones this element of their craft.

Weave a Story

The best part about magic is that it is a one-of-a-kind experience. Unlike the monotony of daily life, exciting and unpredictable things happen every second during a magic show.

Part of a magician’s job is to craft a narrative that hits all the proper dramatic notes in order to achieve this effect. A magician’s carefully-rehearsed routine will include a tremendous amount of variety and pace changes. Some tricks will be designed to linger and build up the anticipation, whereas others will happen when the audience was not prepared for a trick to occur.

In this manner, a magician’s performance will hit peaks and valleys with unexpected twists thrown in. Like a good novelist, rules will be crafted to create a sense of order and predictability, such as saying, “I’m going to find your card and place it here.” These rules can be suddenly broken by pulling a card from a completely different spot.

When a performance is as story-like as possible, then people will remember it better and tell their friends.

Play Into Skepticism

Most adults have zero doubt in their mind that magic is not real. This attitude may seem like a poor quality for an audience; a good magician will actually use this cynicism to their advantage. They can begin a trick that seems like it has an obvious secret behind it, but then change up the result.

Suddenly, someone who was so focused on figuring out how the intended trick was performed has their expectations changed.

This befuddling technique is best used when a relatively simple trick is followed up quickly with a truly amazing one. When you can get people who are ready to catch you in the act saying, “How did they do that?” then you have accomplished your job.

Embody the Magic

The very best magicians have a persona that seems like a mysterious, untapped well of secret power. They will act as if the tricks they have decided to show are just the tip of the iceberg.

When a skilled magician performs close-up magic in Miami for you, you will walk away thinking that they are an exception to the rest of the mundane population. To see world-class close-up magic in action, contact Magic by Mio for your next corporate function, fundraiser or party!