How Close Up Magic Differs From Stage Magic

magician holding playing cards for close up magic

Many people are unfamiliar with the term “close up magic” and what it specifically refers to. The reason that the term was created was to differentiate this type of magic from “stage magic” or large-scale performances.

Here are some of the key differences between the two:

Categorizing Stage Magic

While magic has been around for centuries, a special type of stage magic came into its own with the advent of televised specials and touring performances. These performances involved huge productions with sets, crew members and massive props. More often than not, an assistant is used to help guide the audience’s eye or play a part in the desired effect.

Stage magic shows are expected to have high production values and illusions that are either completely original or that up the ante from established ones. The disadvantages of creating high expectations are countered by controlled conditions, such as the audience being at a limited angle and lighting that can be precisely timed or modified to help accomplish an effect.

Categorizing Close-Up Magic

Close up magic has almost none of the advantages of stage magic. A close up magician will usually have no assistant, and they will be operating in a variety of extremely uncontrolled locations. This fact is why close up magicians must have more careful skills and dexterity than most stage magicians – which is not to say that stage magicians are not as talented, but merely that close up magicians must deal with more limitations while still conducting a seamless performance.

Magic performed in an intimate setting also typically necessitates trading off slow-paced illusions or complicated setups with relatively simple tricks performed in close succession, often increasing the difficulty or unexpectedness over time.

Audience Participation

A stage magician may request an audience member’s interaction once or twice during a performance. By contrast, a close up magician will be constantly engaging various members of the audience as a component of their act.

People that encounter a close up magician will most certainly be put on the spot. Their proximity to the site of the effect taking place also serves as a direct challenge to the magician to get “caught in the act” of a trick, only to defy expectations time and time again.

Being right next to a magician or interacting with him creates a whole new level of appreciation for their craft. By witnessing a close up magician in Miami, you are guaranteed a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. To book your next close up magic event, contact Magic By Mio!