Magic for Team-Building? Absolutely!

Close up magic can be the talk of your next corporate event.Team-building has become a staple for many companies, small and large. The purpose? Bring your team closer together, allow them to work better with one another but also express their individuality, build on communication skills, think outside the box, improve morale, you name it. The benefits are well known and generally agreed upon, when done well, of course. And that’s the harder part, since there are so many programs, workshops, events, activities to choose from.

According to Chron, there are 4 Cs that team-building works on. Communication, through both activities specifically targeting this area, and the less formal setting can help those who are more shy to speak up at work. Commitment through company bonding. Collaboration, by bringing people from different departments together and getting to know each other through more than just e-mail. Finally, culture, since you will choose activities based on what you would like to promote in your company.

So why close-up magic?

Well, first of all, a team-building activity needs to be fun. These are usually extra-curricular type of events that either happen during hours outside the office or take people away from their work. If you want your team to look forward to team-building, the best way to do it, is make the event exciting. And everyone loves magic.

Of course, there is more to it than just plain fun. Magic is a precise science that involves logic, quick thinking, paying attention and focus. So, while your team will be having a blast, they will also get to work together and develop, perfect and practice a variety of skills needed in everyday life.

The key take away is, working together. Mio has been performing close-up magic in Miami for many moons, but he is also an experienced facilitator, who knows how to have everyone involved in the activities. By the way, in case you are wondering what “close-up magic” actually means: it is magic performed in a more intimate setting, literally close-up to the audience. This will automatically bring your team together.

Another reason magic is a great option for team-building, it’s different, very different. We get tired of our everyday routines and as much as we can love our jobs, getting out there and changing things up can be helpful to clear the mind and recharge. Magic will do just that, exercise the mind, but in a different, new way.

For your next team-building activity, see if you can bring some magic and you will be surprised how fun can be mixed with critical thinking and teamwork.