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Close Up Magician Tips on How to Become a Magician


People often ask me after a show about how I got into this business of being a magician. The answer is a long story that this month’s blog post won’t quite have room for. Curiosity aside, this question is sometimes posed to me by those that are interested in dabbling in the arts of magic themselves. Some seek to make a long term career of it while others simply want to learn and hone some skills that will one day make them the life of any cocktail party they attend. Now I’m not about to divulge any secrets here (one of the first rules is to never break the “code”) but what I can do is provide some guidance to those of you interested in becoming a source of wonder in the lives of those around you. I can make no guarantees that this field is the wisest of careers choices as I myself had to pay decades of dues to get where I am today as one of the top Close Up Magicians in Miami. But I can guarantee that by following these useful tips you will have fun, and that’s what it’s really all about.

5 Tips to Becoming a Magician

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