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How to Make Your Corporate Event in Miami More Exciting

Corporate events are supposed to be bright spots on the company calendar — times everyone can look forward to and then come away from with strong memories. Unfortunately, many corporate events in Miami end up being hit-or-miss, with some aspects that truly wow and others that fall flat.

Getting it all right is tough, but in my experience as a speaker, presenter and corporate entertainer in Miami, I have noticed a few consistent ways that event organizers and planners can make their events sizzle. So, if you are worried about your next corporate event missing the mark, consider these tips from a mentalist in Miami who truly knows what is on attendees’ minds.

Start With a Bang!

If you love movies, especially big budget action movies, you may have noticed a strong trend in recent years. Almost every movie starts with a “cold open” action scene that can get the audience hooked and keep their interest going. This approach really works because people tend to sit up and stay alert once you get them excited and have the adrenaline pumping.

Corporate events can definitely put this idea to good use in order to keep people from feeling bored, anxious or restless as the event kicks off. Give them something exciting to do right after registering, like a build-your-own Belgian waffle sundae bar. Or you can have a DJ host a pre-party so that the music is pumping and people are having a great time as soon as they step into a venue.

Get creative, and above all else try to think of things that do not require a ton of corralling but that are worth getting excited about.

Use Interactive Corporate Entertainers to Prevent Dead Spots During Meet-and-Greets, Cocktail Hour

Having somewhat unstructured break times in between activities can give people a chance to relax while others set up the next activity. These moments should definitely be laid back — no one wants to be told how to relax! — but you also don’t want anyone getting bored.

You can prevent social gatherings from feeling like a dead spot in the schedule by using party entertainers who can interact with guests and get them participating in small groups. Others who are not engaged with one another will end up with something to watch, and each group has a story to tell after the entertainer moves on.

I typically use this approach during strolling-style gatherings as an icebreaker and a way to bring small groups together. Attendees end up feeling more relaxed after having a chance to laugh and be truly amazed by unexpected feats.

Give People a Way to Participate Using Mentalism in Miami

Some people leave events feeling like the focus was on everybody but them. While having guest speakers and giving out awards at an event are both examples of perfectly acceptable activities, attendees like it when these things are balanced out with something they feel they contributed to.

Having a “graffiti wall” is a simple version of this idea, and it allows everyone to leave their literal mark and perhaps even show off their hidden talents. Holding a contest can also be a great idea. French ad agency Havas held a ping-pong tournament at one of their corporate events, and it allowed even those without ping-pong skills to rally behind finalists based on their region or department.

Because people love feeling the momentary spotlight, I make sure that my stints as a corporate event performer in Miami involve interactive segments and lots of audience participation. By giving audience members a chance to come up on stage and be a part of the act, people can relate a lot more to the performance while many secretly hope that they are called up next.

So, if you want a way to spice up your event with some mind-blowing interactive entertainment and an amazing way to break the ice, call my personal number above to inquire about a private performance at your next event.