Magical Adventures

Mio’s Magical Seagulls

Mentalist in Miami

Magician Dean Lahan Excels in Spite of His Disability

Dean Lahan of Stockport, England calls himself “The Fingerless Magician,” although that moniker is not quite accurate. When he was ...
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What Is a Mentalist?

Magicians are a mainstay of entertainment around the world, but far fewer people are familiar with mentalists. While shows like ...
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Chips and Aces

Gamblers Risked Their Life When They Performed This Magic Trick

Performing magic tricks becomes quite a different occupation when your life is on the line. No, we are not referring ...
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White Doves

The International Brotherhood of Magicians

Magic as a performance has existed for thousands of years in many cultures as a wondrous display of skill and ...
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New Research Reveals How Magic Influences the Mind

Jay Olson is a student of psychiatry at McGill University in Montreal, but he also has an interesting side job ...
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TV’s Most Famous Mentalists

Mentalism is an art that has not received nearly as much on-screen attention as magic. This favoritism extends to a ...
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New Study Shows That Babies Can Learn from Watching Magic

We have already talked about how watching magic can have a positive effect on the imaginations and creative problem solving ...
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Why Penn and Teller Got Away with Revealing The Secret to Their Magic Trick

In a 1990 TV special, Penn and Teller performed a variation on the “body separation” illusion. Throughout the performance, Penn ...
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Why Magicians Never Reveal Their Secrets

One of the biggest sayings in magic is that a true magician never reveals their secrets. This has become taken ...
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Why Celebrity and Professional Recommendations Matter for Close-Up Magicians

When magicians are able to impress a huge number of entertainers, politicians, athletes and working professionals alike, they want you ...
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