Close Up Magic Right In Your Living Room

Have you seen these magical movies?

Magic by Mio performs close up magic in Miami at homes for dinner parties and birthday celebrations, but you can enjoy close up magic even when you’re not hosting by popping in a great film. Many movies feature the awe and wonder of magic, and can bring the excitement of performance to your home any day of the week. Staying in this weekend? Consider watching one of these top magic movies. From a chilling Anthony Hopkins thriller to a beautiful animated film, we’ve got something for everyone!

Now You See Me

Released in 2013, this thrilling story of four street illusionists and how they happen on the big stage stars Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Morgan Freeman. Expect lots of mystery and a surprise ending, and of course a few twists along the way. If you have a “go big or go home” movie philosophy, you’ll appreciate this over-the-top film with special effects and an exhilarating plot that will keep you guessing.


A blast from the past, this 1970s horror flick chronicles the revenge of a ventriloquist’s dummy. A young Anthony Hopkins plays Corky; a misfortunate magician who takes on the assistance of a dummy to help his not-so-applauded performance. The new gig appears to work and all seems to be looking up for Corky until his famed dummy takes on a life of his own and turns on him. If you like a good scare, check out this eerie living doll flick that puts Chucky to shame.

The Prestige

Two friends, played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, begin to feud after a magic performance goes terribly wrong and Jackman’s wife dies. The former team splits apart and Jackman and Bale become enemies, striving at everything to ruin each other’s careers as magicians. The plot heightens as Bale’s success sores and complications and character twists take this 2006 drama to new heights.

The Illusionist

This 2010 animated film is a kid-friendly choice with a PG rating and a truly artistic nature. The Illusionist tells the story of a struggling magician in the 1950s who is no longer appreciated by his fans as the spotlight shifts to rock and roll stars. It’s not until he meets a young girl who truly believes in his gift that the illusionist is able to revisit his passion. This bittersweet film won many awards and nominations for Best Animated Feature and has been praised for its ability to wow children and adults alike.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

If you like to chase your magic with a big of laughter, this is the choice for you. Starring the hilarious Steve Carell, Jim Carrey and Steve Buscemi, this out-of-the-box comedy follows a retired Vegas magician as he tries to reboot his career despite the loss of his partner and newfound competition. No awards won here but enough abracadabra and laugh out loud moments to make any movie night complete.

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