Monthly Archives: July 2010

Helsinki: Cold, but very warm!

Today in Helsinki it was sweater and jacket weather. I sat down at an outdoor stall, within sight of where the ship was docked, that sold freshly cooked salmon, herring and calamari, but what I wanted was local whitefish. There were only two small pieces on the grill, so I said, I’ll take ’em! It […]

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Command performance

I’m sitting upstairs in the veranda restaurant, on board Regent’s ship Voyager, with Woytek Mrozek, clarinet virtuoso from Poland. We had just finished our dinner, when one of the ships’ singers comes up to the table and says, so sorry to interrupt, but mio, the captain wants to see you, right now! Gulp! Where is […]

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Sweet Sweden

Arriving in Sweden on a Tuesday, I decided it would be fun to offer the good citizens of Stockholm a chance to experience my magic. I found a broad avenue with no cars allowed that leads to the Old Town, yet still in the heart of Stockholm. So there I was, standing in the walkway […]

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